A Different Approach

Mobile, on-site COVID sanitizing for the transportation industry. GST CoachServ provides the most complete on-site vehicle sanitizing solutions in the industry. Our unique approach takes just under 5 minutes to sanitize a full-size motorcoach, maximizing your operational efficiencies and reducing your downtime. Your vehicles spend more time on the road making you money.

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Unique Solutions

GST CoachServ offers on-site or drive-thru style cleaning, sanitizing, and vehicle reset tailored to fit your unique business. Fast turnaround, professional bus cleaning, and sanitizing to meet the needs of today’s transportation industry. We focus on small to mid-size bus companies to meet their unique needs.

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Quality Over Quantity

We believe in honoring the unique personalities, culture, and market that has grown your business so far, and hire only the very best sanitizing technicians and ensure the highest quality training, products, and processes to help you keep your customers safe and healthy.

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COVID Disinfecting and Sanitizing Solutions for Your Transit Business

We provide bus cleaning and sanitizing service for all levels.

And support as you grow.

Hi-Touch X-press

Get up and running quickly!

  • 5 minutes or less!
  • Electrostatic application.
  • Hospital-grade CDC approved anti-viral solution.
  • Eliminates 96.9% of contaminates. 


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Coach X-press

Great for motor-coaches, tour bus or transit vehicles.

  • 10 minutes or less!
  • Electrostatic application.
  • Hospital-grade anti-viral. Kills COVID-19
  • Secondary alcohol application.
  • For vehicles with 25+ seats
  • Trash removal & sweeping. 
  • Eliminates 98% of microbial contaminates.


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Hi-Touch Elite

Need more? Complete sanitizing solutions for your vehicles.

  • Fast turnaround time!
  • Electrostatic application.
  • CDC recommended hospital-grade disinfectant.
  • Secondary alcohol application.
  • UV Light sanitization for driver control and electrical surfaces.
  • Windows wipe-down, trash removal, sweeping.
  • Eliminates 99.9% of viral and microbial contamination. 
  • Great for vehicles with 30+ passengers. 


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Seize Your Moment

Customer Testimonials


Robin Wilson
Follow The Leader Dynamics

“COVID pandemic really hit us hard. We needed to find an on-site cleaning sanitizing company to work in our fast-paced industry. GST was the perfect fit. Great service, great price.  We can continue to offer our guests confidence that our buses meet the highest sanitization standards.”


Nathan Hall
Boeing Commercial Airplanes

“Essentially, we operate a small city transit program.  Running shuttles 24/7. GST CoachServ was able to service our entire fleet, each bus, each hour, 24 hours a day. We could focus on day to day operation and manage our bottom line. ”


Maggie Scott
Mason-Elliot Inc.

“Working with GST was awesome – we knew that they would offer us a very strong sanitizing process to fit our transportation operation and that it would be handled in a very organized and professional way. I couldn’t recommend them enough.”


Anita Roberts
Happy Ceramics

“We needed to find an answer to the COVID puzzle.  GST has a great team of professional cleaners, great cleaning, and sanitizing products. They allow us to continue operating and avoid the trouble of hiring our own staff and storing all the cleaning and sanitizing products on-site.”

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